xCoAx 2020

8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

8–10 July, Graz

Dear xCoAxers,

The xCoAx 2020 Organising Committee has been working hard to create a special online edition of xCoAx that is compatible with your wellness and safety. Some things will obviously be different, some others (such as the awesomeness of your contributions) will stay the same.

Here follows what we have come up with.

Proceedings will be published by the opening of the conference, on July 8. To achieve this goal we need your full collaboration, please send us the final version of the documents to be published by the dates below:

Deadline for the final versions of papers, artworks, performances, doctoral symposium abstracts for the proceedings: May 3, 2020.

Please send the final version of the materials for the proceedings in .docx format using the xCoAx templates you can find here:

Proceedings will be structured as usual (check them out at proceedings.xcoax.org). The only different thing this year is their publication date. We want them out as soon as the event starts, so you can immediately check the people and the works that piqued your interest.

Deadline for material to publish for the online edition of xCoAx: May 31, 2020.

Now, this is where things get interesting: you usually bring your own ideas, works, talent, and enthusiasm to the venue where xCoAx takes place. Since this time xCoAx happens online, you will have to digitise all your creative energy and send it to us.

You know we cannot get enough of you, but we are also aware that you are all moving your professional and artistic lives online, and let’s face it: this is a lot of work! This is why we designed a workflow that will give you flexibility and some wiggle room. For the digital material to publish on the online edition of xCoAx, there is:

Please refer to the information relevant to your category below.


Minimum requirements:

How will your video be used?

Doctoral Symposium

Minimum requirements:

How will your video be used?

Artworks, Performances, Ligeti Hall Performances

Minimum requirements (May 3):

Minimum requirements (May 31):

Extra material (May 31):

How will your material be used?


Please be aware that there are two deadlines:


As everything will be moved online, we will not be charging registration fees from any authors or participants. All the material published online will be open-access.


Here are the contacts to use for sending your files and questions regarding your materials for the proceedings and online publication:

Thank you for your patience and support, and thank you in advance for the extra effort that we are asking of you.