xCoAx 2020


8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

8–10 July, Graz online

xCoAx is an international conference that promotes the discussion and discovery of synergies at the frontiers of digital art, in the form of a multidisciplinary questioning on aesthetics, computing, communication and the elusive X factor that connects them all. After previous editions in Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Bergamo, Glasgow and Porto, the 2020 edition was meant to take place in Graz, with a conference and performances at MUMUTH – House of Music and Music Theatre, and an exhibition at the Forum Stadtpark, all under the auspices of IEM – Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

The global CoViD-19 emergency imposed a rapid rethinking of the nature and structure of xCoAx, which is now online, still comprised of papers, artworks and performances. For the first time, xCoAx is a totally open event where everyone can attend and join the discussion!


cover of the 2020 book of proceedings

xCoAx 2020: Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X.

Edited by Mario Verdicchio, Miguel Carvalhais, Luísa Ribas & André Rangel.
478 pages.
ISBN: 978-989-746-266-5

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Paper sessions

Paper Session 1

  • Philip Galanter Machine Patiency and the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence Entities
  • Terence Broad, Frederic Fol Leymarie, Mick Grierson Amplifying The Uncanny
  • Louisa Nyman The Ambiguity of the Deepfake
  • Domenico Napolitano The Cultural Origins of Voice Cloning

Moderator: Mario Verdicchio

Paper Session 2

  • Magdalena Kovarik, Marian Dörk Postdigital Art in Design Education
  • Provides Ng Collaborative Vision: Livestream, Volumetric Navigation, AI Image Processing, and Algorithmic Personalisation
  • Yanai Toister Horizontal Against Vertical
  • Pedro Ferreira, Luísa Ribas Post-digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Audiovisual Art

Moderator: Miguel Carvalhais

Paper Session 3

  • Sage Jenson, Kit Kuksenok Exploratory Modelling with Speculative Complex Biological Systems
  • Erik H Zepka The Technobiotics of Others
  • Michael Vogrin, Guilherme Wood, Thomas Schmickl Electric Love: Analyzing Human Mate Selection Dynamics in a Digital Environment
  • Daniel Lopes, João Correia, Penousal Machado Ȧdea: Evolving glyphs for aiding creativity in the graphic design workflow

Moderator: Jason Reizner

Paper Session 4

  • Caterina Moruzzi Should Human Artists Fear AI? A Report on the Perception of Creative AI
  • Dejan Grba Deriving Sense: Cognitive Aspects of Artefactual Creativity
  • Rodrigo Hernández-Ramírez A Sketch of Some Principles for Good Design in The Age Of Smart Automation
  • João M. Cunha, Pedro Martins, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Penousal Machado Ever-changing Flags: Trend-driven Symbols of Identity

Moderator: Luísa Ribas

Paper Session 5

  • Corneel Cannaerts Allographic Drawing: Agency of Coding in Architectural Design
  • Birgit Bachler Open, Seamful and Slow: A More-Than-Human Internet of Things
  • Alessandro Ludovico Openness and Transparency in Network Topologies
  • Rewa Wright, Simon Howden Augmenting a Human-Plant-Data Assemblage: The Contact Projects

Moderator: André Rangel

Paper Session 6

  • Antonio Pošćić, Gordan Kreković Unboxing the Machine: Artificial Agents in Music
  • Daniel Bisig, Ephraim Wegner Strings
  • Matteo Amadio, Alberto Novello Augmented Drums: Digital Enhancement of Rhythmic Improvisation

Moderators: David Pirrò & Hanns Holger Rutz


  • Provides Ng, Eli Joteva, Ya nzi Current
  • Tivon Rice Environment Built for Absence (an Unofficial/Artificial Sequel to J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise”)
  • Nimrod Astarhan, Yanai Toister Spectral Choreography #2
  • Tonio Mundry Beyond the Canvas/Bliss
  • Amy Alexander What the Robot Saw
  • Andrés Villa Torres Convoluted Alterity
  • Ian Heisters Gestures #2 - #4
  • Marco Heleno, Miguel Carvalhais, Nuno Correia TransparentPerceptron: Visualizing the Perceptron’s decision iterations
  • Christian Herren Coded Archetypes (New York, Bern, Beijng)
  • Christian Faubel Kauschlauch Modulations
  • Mathew Mosher Pythia Consulting: Asking Difficult Questions While on Hold
  • Alan Dunning Soundings
  • Pedro Ferreira On a Scroll Through the Cloud
  • André Rangel ComComComCom: Computation, Communication, Commerce, Community, a Common Com
  • Catarina Sampaio, Luísa Ribas, Pedro Ângelo Data Self-Portrait
  • Dragica Kahlina Hey!
  • Marta Flisykowska The In Rust We Trust Project: technological and cultural aspects of terrestrial experiments on a Martian clay simulant
  • Susie Fu Artist and Machine: An Iterative Art Performance



  • Jaume Darbra Fa, Yuri Wilmering, Nicholas Moroz Mirror of the Whole of Nature and the Image of Art: Breaths between moons
  • Christos Michalakos Icarus: A Game/Performance for the Augmented Drum-Kit
  • Arne Eigenfeldt tinySounds: for voice and musebot ensemble
  • Jung In Jung, Paul Blackham Hot Summer Afternoon: Towards the Embodiment of Musical Expression in Virtual Reality
  • Isak Han Playing The nUFO
  • Dani Iosafat a.k.a. Dani Joss Stream: synergy meeting vol. 2
  • Jules Rawlinson, Owen Green, Dave Murray-Rust Raw Green Rust: Improvisation (with FluCoMa and UniSSON)
  • Joaquín Jiménez-Sauma Polymer Dub: Urban soundscapes, evolution and cultural values

Performances Ligeti Hall

  • Daniel Mayer Matters 5
  • Alberto de Campo Polyharpye Reclaimed
  • Nicola Giannini Eyes Draw Circles of Light
  • Jia Liu Ring Study II/b: Live Performance with an Autonomous Pitch-Following Feedback System
  • Ștefan Damian Naufrage: a 32 channel electroacoustic composition
  • Ron Kuivila Sparkline (with serene velocity)

Doctoral Symposium

  • Luis Arandas Performative Metacreation: An Artist-Centred Exploration of Artificial Intelligence
  • Pierre Depaz The Aesthetic Values of Source Code
  • Pedro Costa “Some Things You Can Ask Me”: about gender and artificial intelligence
  • Pedro Ferreira Post-digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Audiovisual Art
  • Provides Ng Preemptive Futures: A Study of A Circular Information Economy of Architecture
  • Jim Reeve-Baker Audio Data Compression Artefacts as Creative Material
  • Catarina Sampaio The Self as Data: Visualizing Identity Through Data Portraits

Chairs: Marko Ciciliani & Philip Galanter

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