xCoAx 2020


8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

8–10 July, Graz online

xCoAx is an international conference that promotes the discussion and discovery of synergies at the frontiers of digital art, in the form of a multidisciplinary questioning on aesthetics, computing, communication and the elusive X factor that connects them all. After previous editions in Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Bergamo, Glasgow and Porto, the 2020 edition was meant to take place in Graz, with a conference and performances at MUMUTH – House of Music and Music Theatre, and an exhibition at the Forum Stadtpark, all under the auspices of IEM – Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

The global CoViD-19 emergency imposed a rapid rethinking of the nature and structure of xCoAx, which is now online, still comprised of papers, artworks and performances. For the first time, xCoAx is a totally open event where everyone can attend and join the discussion!


cover of the 2020 book of proceedings

xCoAx 2020: Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X.

Edited by Mario Verdicchio, Miguel Carvalhais, Luísa Ribas & André Rangel.
478 pages.
ISBN: 978-989-746-266-5

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Special Issue

cover of the 2020 special issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts

Special issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts.

Volume 12, Nr. 3.
Edited by André Rangel, Luísa Ribas, Mario Verdicchio, Miguel Carvalhais.
DOI: 10.34632/jsta.2020.12.3

Open access at revistas.ucp.pt


Paper sessions

Paper Session 1

  • Philip Galanter Machine Patiency and the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence Entities
  • Terence Broad, Frederic Fol Leymarie, Mick Grierson Amplifying The Uncanny
  • Louisa Nyman The Ambiguity of the Deepfake
  • Domenico Napolitano The Cultural Origins of Voice Cloning

Moderator: Mario Verdicchio

Paper Session 2

  • Magdalena Kovarik, Marian Dörk Postdigital Art in Design Education
  • Provides Ng Collaborative Vision: Livestream, Volumetric Navigation, AI Image Processing, and Algorithmic Personalisation
  • Yanai Toister Horizontal Against Vertical
  • Pedro Ferreira, Luísa Ribas Post-digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Audiovisual Art

Moderator: Miguel Carvalhais

Paper Session 3

  • Sage Jenson, Kit Kuksenok Exploratory Modelling with Speculative Complex Biological Systems
  • Erik H Zepka The Technobiotics of Others
  • Michael Vogrin, Guilherme Wood, Thomas Schmickl Electric Love: Analyzing Human Mate Selection Dynamics in a Digital Environment
  • Daniel Lopes, João Correia, Penousal Machado Ȧdea: Evolving glyphs for aiding creativity in the graphic design workflow

Moderator: Jason Reizner

Paper Session 4

  • Caterina Moruzzi Should Human Artists Fear AI? A Report on the Perception of Creative AI
  • Dejan Grba Deriving Sense: Cognitive Aspects of Artefactual Creativity
  • Rodrigo Hernández-Ramírez A Sketch of Some Principles for Good Design in The Age Of Smart Automation
  • João M. Cunha, Pedro Martins, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Penousal Machado Ever-changing Flags: Trend-driven Symbols of Identity

Moderator: Luísa Ribas

Paper Session 5

  • Corneel Cannaerts Allographic Drawing: Agency of Coding in Architectural Design
  • Birgit Bachler Open, Seamful and Slow: A More-Than-Human Internet of Things
  • Alessandro Ludovico Openness and Transparency in Network Topologies
  • Rewa Wright, Simon Howden Augmenting a Human-Plant-Data Assemblage: The Contact Projects

Moderator: André Rangel

Paper Session 6

  • Antonio Pošćić, Gordan Kreković Unboxing the Machine: Artificial Agents in Music
  • Daniel Bisig, Ephraim Wegner Strings
  • Matteo Amadio, Alberto Novello Augmented Drums: Digital Enhancement of Rhythmic Improvisation

Moderators: David Pirrò & Hanns Holger Rutz


  • Provides Ng, Eli Joteva, Ya nzi Current
  • Tivon Rice Environment Built for Absence (an Unofficial/Artificial Sequel to J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise”)
  • Nimrod Astarhan, Yanai Toister Spectral Choreography #2
  • Tonio Mundry Beyond the Canvas/Bliss
  • Amy Alexander What the Robot Saw
  • Andrés Villa Torres Convoluted Alterity
  • Ian Heisters Gestures #2 - #4
  • Marco Heleno, Miguel Carvalhais, Nuno Correia TransparentPerceptron: Visualizing the Perceptron’s decision iterations
  • Christian Herren Coded Archetypes (New York, Bern, Beijng)
  • Christian Faubel Kauschlauch Modulations
  • Mathew Mosher Pythia Consulting: Asking Difficult Questions While on Hold
  • Alan Dunning Soundings
  • Pedro Ferreira On a Scroll Through the Cloud
  • André Rangel ComComComCom: Computation, Communication, Commerce, Community, a Common Com
  • Catarina Sampaio, Luísa Ribas, Pedro Ângelo Data Self-Portrait
  • Dragica Kahlina Hey!
  • Marta Flisykowska The In Rust We Trust Project: technological and cultural aspects of terrestrial experiments on a Martian clay simulant
  • Susie Fu Artist and Machine: An Iterative Art Performance



  • Jaume Darbra Fa, Yuri Wilmering, Nicholas Moroz Mirror of the Whole of Nature and the Image of Art: Breaths between moons
  • Christos Michalakos Icarus: A Game/Performance for the Augmented Drum-Kit
  • Arne Eigenfeldt tinySounds: for voice and musebot ensemble
  • Jung In Jung, Paul Blackham Hot Summer Afternoon: Towards the Embodiment of Musical Expression in Virtual Reality
  • Isak Han Playing The nUFO
  • Dani Iosafat a.k.a. Dani Joss Stream: synergy meeting vol. 2
  • Jules Rawlinson, Owen Green, Dave Murray-Rust Raw Green Rust: Improvisation (with FluCoMa and UniSSON)
  • Joaquín Jiménez-Sauma Polymer Dub: Urban soundscapes, evolution and cultural values

Performances Ligeti Hall

  • Daniel Mayer Matters 5
  • Alberto de Campo Polyharpye Reclaimed
  • Nicola Giannini Eyes Draw Circles of Light
  • Jia Liu Ring Study II/b: Live Performance with an Autonomous Pitch-Following Feedback System
  • Ștefan Damian Naufrage: a 32 channel electroacoustic composition
  • Ron Kuivila Sparkline (with serene velocity)

Doctoral Symposium

  • Luis Arandas Performative Metacreation: An Artist-Centred Exploration of Artificial Intelligence
  • Pierre Depaz The Aesthetic Values of Source Code
  • Pedro Costa “Some Things You Can Ask Me”: about gender and artificial intelligence
  • Pedro Ferreira Post-digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Audiovisual Art
  • Provides Ng Preemptive Futures: A Study of A Circular Information Economy of Architecture
  • Jim Reeve-Baker Audio Data Compression Artefacts as Creative Material
  • Catarina Sampaio The Self as Data: Visualizing Identity Through Data Portraits

Chairs: Marko Ciciliani & Philip Galanter

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